Saturday, March 29, 2008

Self Portrait~Help me choose!

This was a hard one. I am usually the one behind the camera, so this was something different for me. I was hoping to get a picture to post here on my blog so those who visit and may not know me, can see who I am! Post a comment and let me know your fav!


Acker said...


Photo #1 is good but the light on your face is to harsh. I don't like photo #2 because your not smiling. You always have a smile except in this picture. Photo #3 the one with you leaning on the chair back is my fav. Dennis like #3 also.

Aunt Lisa

MeganAring said...

I definitely like #3 the best!! It's more you. -Megan

Rikki said...


I like the 1st photo best. I don't care for the 2nd photo because you're not smilimg, and I agree, that's not you. The third photo is nice also, but I think it looks too posed. My vote is for photo #1 because it looks the most natural.



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